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About Get Growing

Get Growing is an in-school program delivered by trained youth workers for ages 10 - 18.  It is suited to students who have been identified as 'at risk' and in need of a pathway to positive change in  behaviour patterns.

Self-harm statistics show that this has become an alarming trend and a real threat to the young and vulnerable.  Untreated anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences and other mental health concerns can lead to a feeling of despair and often our young people manage their problems in unhealthy ways, self-harm being one of them

Get Growing offers a safe and inclusive environment for students to talk and discuss openly, confidentially and freely.

The peer to peer group setting encourages and empowers students to help one another develop new strategies for achieving positive change in their lives. It is the sharing of stories and challenges that allows each student to talk!

Get Growing is a natural expansion of the adult Grow program that has successfully been supporting people with their Mental Health for over 60 years.

Get Growing program is a ten week “in school” program that helps young people learn some important life skills. Get Growing works with groups of ten or less students and program is suitable for young people in upper Primary as well as Middle and High School. 

"I spent most of my time worrying about things I now know I can't change -  since I have attended the Get Growing course I now know I can talk to someone, as we all feel pretty much the same. I also am getting to know more about me and who I am" Maya QLD

"Our school in NSW had the program and it was so good, we are trying to raise money for another one, there are so many students who did not get to go to the first one” Tyler NSW

How does it work?

There is no cost to the family or the young person. The School and Get Growing work together to choose a suitable time for the weekly lesson as well as the length of the lesson that will give the young people the best chance of learning some new skills. Grow provides trained youth workers who are legally able to work with young people, to facilitate the group and help the group learn and solve problems together.

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What is Grow?

Grow was established almost 60 years ago by people who supported each other through their lived journey of developing strong emotional well being. The wisdom gained through this process forms the basis of the Get Growing Program.

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What is covered in Get Growing?

The information covered includes: Stress, Feelings, Friendships, Strengths and Personal Value, Problem Solving, Safety, Goals and Managing Behaviour.

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How do I get involved?

Learning they are not alone is the driving force that helps young people to open up and learn from each other and the Get Growing facilitator. Research on programs that includes peer-based support shows that they can be perceived by the young person as a credible source of help. If you would like your school to implement a Get Growing Program, click the link below and fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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