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How does Get Growing work?

Young people turn to their friends for support and are deeply influenced by their peers. Get Growing understands this culture and designed it’s
peer-support program to embrace and improve these natural support networks. 

The small group creates a supportive and safe environment as the students develop group rules that make it safe for the
young people to share their stories, challenges, and strategies for achieving changes in their lives. Each student receives a
Get Growing Book to use in the group and to take home so they can use the tools whenever they need extra support.
Get Growing is a pathway to positive change and fosters self-value, acceptance and resilience and can help counter self-harm, negative behaviour, and isolation.

The group setting allows young people to share their concerns in real time in a personal environment.
This safe space supports learning and focuses on their strengths. The group setting encourages participants to help one another solve problems and develop strategies for achieving positive change in their lives. Participants learn to speak up and break the silence that can lead to poor mental health and isolation.